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Make or Made

Make or Made Gift Card

Make or Made Gift Card

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Have someone who you know would love our shop but not exactly sure what they need? Get them a gift card that they can use either online or at our brick-and-mortar!


Is the gift card a physical gift card or e-gift card?

You will be emailed an e-gift card code you can save for yourself, forward to the recipient, or print out if gifting to someone else.

How do I send the e-gift card to someone else?

If you're buying this for someone else, you can either put their email at checkout so they automatically receive the e-gift card, put your own email and then forward the email to the recipient, or put your own email and gift the recipient a printed copy of the e-gift card.

What if I printed out the e-gift card to gift it but the recipient lost it?

In case the recipient loses the printed e-gift card, they do not need the physical copy to use their balance in the store - all they need is the code, which you can find in your saved email and forward to them again if needed.

What if I can't find the email with the e-gift card?

We can look up your order by your name to retrieve the gift card code as long as you provide a valid ID in person or are able to confirm order details as form of verification.

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