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Capital Stitch Co.

The Virginia Hand Embroidery Step-by-Step Kit & Guide

The Virginia Hand Embroidery Step-by-Step Kit & Guide

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The Virginia embroidery kit and step-by-step guide is designed to be accessible enough for embroidery beginners, while interesting and engaging enough for any embroiderer.  It's the perfect gift not only for our fellow DC residents, but visitors who want to immortalize their trip in a crafty way. 

The kit includes 1 4" embroidery hoop, 7 embroidery floss skeins, 7 bobbins, the needle, the fabric, the pattern, and a step-by-step guide: everything you need to create your own!

Any skill set can learn hand embroidery using this kit: the instructions are made both to be educational to beginners and fun for experienced embroiderers.

And should you have any questions, you can always reach out to Miri, over on IG at @capitalstitchco.

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