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6mm Zero Waste Cotton Cord - Natural Color

6mm Zero Waste Cotton Cord - Natural Color

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Sold by the foot with a minimum of 25 feet. Add the quantity equal to the number of feet you'd like to order, making sure you order a quantity of at least 25.

From Ganxxet:

"The highest quality up-cycled cotton cord in the market, made from cotton fabrics from the garment industry. To get the color, we don’t dye the fiber, we choose similar color garments, we break down the fabric to cotton fiber again and then we spin the fiber to create the cotton thread.  With this manufacturing process, we can reduce the water usage in half and reduce very significantly the CO2 emissions.

By choosing this cotton cord, you are helping eliminate waste that will otherwise end up in our landfills.

This single twist string is very gentle on your fingersincredibly soft and it unravels into beautiful fringe. It will help you to bring your pieces to the next level because the cord is consistent and doesn't have any threads out of place, elevating your work even more.

We’re proud to meet the European and American standards and norms that keep you and our planet safe."

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